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Tiny Totos Triumphs: Success at MIT Solve Global Challenges Finals in New York

Updated: Apr 11

Tiny Totos achieved success at the MIT Solve Global Challenges Finals in New York, with their innovative loans product tailored to daycare owners and mothers. Karungari Wachira, the People and Partnerships Director, delivered an exceptional pitch highlighting how the product assessed creditworthiness based on childcare earnings rather than assets. The team initially earned recognition in the Solver Financial Inclusion Class of 2023 for their childcare-backed loans portfolio. However, their excitement soared when they secured two additional awards for their groundbreaking approach, emphasizing the importance of rewarding women's participation in the childcare economy. Tiny Totos expresses gratitude to MIT Solve, GSR Foundation, and Experian for acknowledging their efforts in childcare and financial inclusion, fueling their ambition to expand further.


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