Tiny Totos is a Kenyan social enterprise which has been working since 2014 to improve informal daycares in slums.

We do this by partnering with private, informal daycare entrepreneuers and delivering training and investment designed to upgrade standards, foster business sustainability, and deliver improved care to children.

We build on and enhance the wealth of local market demand and supply, and strike a balance between quality improvement and financial sustainability.

Network Impacts to date

Early childhood development

We teach best practices to foster child wellbeing


Peer Learning & leadership

We create a network that entrepreneurs can belong to, rely on and learn to be leaders in


Business Training

We train owners in book keeping, marketing, strategy, pricing


Technology & data collection

Our phone app helps managers record income and attendance, and our team track standards, child health


Informal daycare operators in Nairobi, mostly women, lack training, capital and peers to support business growth.

By providing these critical ingredients for success we are creating a network of upgraded, profitable daycares that encourage standards to be improved across the market.