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Meet the team

Emma Caddy

Emma has 20 years' experience in designing, managing and investing in early stage community-based businesses.  After a decade in Central America working to develop biodiversity-friendly business development to support the livelihoods of largely indigenous communities living around protected areas, Emma won a Skoll Scholarship to study for her MBA at Oxford University. 

Naleke Konchela

Naleke is driven by her passion to empower women and children. She has over 14 years’ experience in coordinating, monitoring, and evaluating impact of community educational programs through skills development and capacity building. 


At TTK, she is responsible for programmatic leadership and resource management of the ECD department. Naleke also supports the assessment of the developmental milestones to ensure quality implementation and impact of TTK interventions.

ECD Manager
Naleke Konchella
ECD Manager
Business and Sales Manager
Nguhi Kabunyi

Nguhi is passionate about the empowerment of socially excluded groups, with a special focus on women and children through education, social and economic empowerment, advocacy and human rights. 


Nguhi is part of TTK’s business team, tasked with providing direct financial service to TTK’s daycare managers including conducting training and one-on-one coaching, aimed at helping them build financial capability, change financial behavior, and achieve financial goals.  Nguhi works with our daycare managers to ensure that their financial records are in order and that their businesses are self-sufficient and profitable.

Nguhi Kabunyi
Senior Data Manager

Faith is responsible for synthesizing, analyzing, and reporting on the organizational social impact data each month. Faith, who has over four years of experience in data recording and analysis, previously worked as a freelance data analyst as well as with KALRO Tea Research Institute under the department of Economic Field Advisory and Corporate Communications (EFACC).

Faith holds a Bachelors’ degree in Statistics from Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology and has been certified as a data scientist by IBM.

Faith Chepkoech
Faith Chepkoech
Network Acquisition Lead
Rosalyne Mwai

Rosalyne's expertise in project management and relationship building plays a critical role as the Network Acquisition Lead. She spearheads partner acquisition and onboarding processes, forging strong collaborations with organizations that share Tiny Totos Kenya's vision. Rosalyne's dedication to fostering meaningful relationships boosts engagement and propels the organization's growth, expanding its influence in the childcare sector.

Partner Leadership Facilitator 
Delphine Makori

Delphine is responsible for fostering a culture that encourages grassroots, community-led engagements to flourish. She acts as the liaison between daycare managers and TTK, ensuring local communities are empowered, that daycares meet safety and quality standards, and identifies gaps where capacity building and mentorship are needed. 


Delphine previously served as TTK’s Field Operations Coordinator, tracking day-to-day operations of daycares. She holds a Diploma in Social Work and Community Development. She is currently pursuing her degree in the University of Nairobi.

Delphine Makori
ECD Resource Centre Manager
Florence Obuong’

Florence has extensive experience working with children in the informal settlements of Nairobi's Eastlands.  As the Resource Centre Manager, Florence ensures that TTK partner managers are supported with comprehensive information services and materials making skills to enhance the curriculum for the children.

Florence Obuong
Comms and Operations Manager
Comms and Operations Manager
Cathy Nyariuru

Cathy plays an integral role in customer service as the first line of contact with our daycare managers, community health volunteers, community education experts, visitors, and clients. She has over seven years’ experience in customer service and administration and has says passion for helping people is the key to delivering outstanding service.

Cathy is also responsible for TTK’s marketing and communications. She coordinates the development and production of outreach materials and provides support on social media relations, coordination, and outreach.

Cathy Nyaruiru
Chief Financial Officer
Joseph Walumbe
Joseph Walumbe

Joseph has over 11 years’ experience working in banking, administration and ICT. He is responsible for TTK’s financial and risk management work; Joseph also leads in the development and monitoring of financial and operational strategies for TTK’s business team. In addition, Joseph oversees our work training partners in business and finance management. 

Finance and Administration Assistant
Dinah Sifuma

Dinah has 4 years’ experience in finance and administration. She keeps track of TTK’s daily expenses, and supports the finance office in maintaining records of all transactions and preparing financial reports. 

Dinah has previously worked with Africa ltd in the operations department, and with Safi International as a Finance Assistant. She has also served as a Legal Assistant at Invesco Assurance Company.

Dinah Sifuma
Chief of Impact
Karungari Wachira
Karungari is a values-driven development professional with over ten years’ experience working in private and not-for-profit sectors. She has deep experience in education development, policy and advocacy across East Africa, as well as program development, capacity building and instructional coaching. Karungari is responsible for managing Tiny Totos’ field operations and exploring new partner opportunities to expand our remit and sector impact.
ECDE Consultant
Mildred Obuya
Mildred Obuya

Mildred is a seasoned early childhood educator and consultant with over 20 years’ experience working in various teaching and programme advisory capacities.  Mildred has a deep passion for early childhood stimulation, and has been instrumental in supporting teachers and caregivers to engage in best practices.

Comms, Data Analyst
Faith Mwania

Faith has over two years’ experience in data analysis and reporting and is responsible for integrating and analyzing organizational data for TTK. She also reports on web traffic from all social media platforms and coordinates with the Communications Officer to maintain a cohesive strategy across all platforms to increase brand awareness. 


Faith holds a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology and, prior to becoming TTK’s analyst, worked at the Machakos Level 5 Hospital in the ICT department

Faith Mwania
Business Data Analyst
Tom Ondara
Tom's expertise as a Data Analyst illuminates valuable insights that drive informed decision-making processes at Tiny Totos Kenya. By transforming raw data into meaningful visualizations and reports, Tom empowers stakeholders to make data-driven choices. His data-driven approach contributes to the continuous improvement of operations and services, leading to greater positive impact.
Managing Director
Jannik Henriks

As the Managing Director of Tiny Totos Kenya, Jannik is a visionary leader with a mission to leverage technology for tangible impact. With a decade of consulting experience spanning across Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, he brings a wealth of knowledge to the organization. Jannik's passion lies in creating innovative solutions at the convergence of technology, business, and people. He inspires and guides the team to drive collaboration, utilizing cutting-edge technology to elevate childcare services. Under his leadership, Tiny Totos Kenya continues to thrive, making a significant difference in the lives of children and families.

Health and Nutrition Manager
Rhoda Ngomoa
As the dedicated Nutrition, Health, and Safety Manager, Rhoda is an advocate for child nutrition and wellbeing in Tiny Totos' network. With her nutrition technologist license and extensive experience in the field, she works closely with daycare managers to ensure they have the knowledge, resources, and motivation to provide nutritious meals to children. Rhoda's passion for child nutrition is instrumental in nurturing healthy habits from an early age.
 Senior Tech Officer
Bernard Kimiri
As the Technical Officer, Bernard is a technological pioneer, exploring innovative solutions to enhance Tiny Totos Kenya's operations. His proficiency in business information technology enables him to optimize technology adoption, making it accessible and beneficial for both technical and non-technical team members. Bernard's ability to bridge the gap between IT and other departments fosters efficient workflows, driving the organization towards greater technological advancement.
Chief of Learning
Roselynn Awili

Roselynn is an experienced adult education content creator with over ten years and practical experience in curriculum design, training facilitation and edtech learning innovations. At TTK, Roselynn leads the strategic development of content and training systems, ensuring that daycare managers in our network have access to interactive, immersive, globally informed and locally contextualized content to run self-sustaining profitable daycares.
Roselynn holds a Master of Education degree from Kenyatta University, is a certified in Strategic Management and Leadership and an Acumen East Africa 2020 fellow.

Finance and Administration Assistant

As the Office Admin and Accounts Assistant, Daisy ensures the smooth management of TTK's field offices and field activity budgeting. Her background in finance and office administration makes her a guardian of finances, contributing to the organization's financial stability. Daisy's dedication to Tiny Totos Kenya's mission to improve early childhood care reflects in her meticulous approach to managing resources

Dasiy Cherono
Dasiy Cherono
Chief Technical Officer
Maxwell Iragu
Training Officer
Polly Okaron
Field Officer

Eric's vast experience in community development makes him the champion of change on the ground. As Tiny Totos' Chief Field Officer, he collaborates with various community-based organizations and non-profits to make a positive impact on early childhood care. Eric's dedication to community empowerment and his recognition as an Active Case Finding and Contact Tracing Champion by Population Service International exemplify his commitment to improving lives

Eric Mulinya
Eric Mulinya
Sales Officer
Laura Ekwenye
Laura's background in financial analysis and business, coupled with her customer-centric mindset, makes her the architect of growth at Tiny Totos Kenya. As the Sales Officer, she designs strategic approaches to expand the organization's sales, driving its financial sustainability. Laura's keen market insights and dedication to customer experience create a strong foundation for the organization's success
Data and Planning Assistant

Meet Charles, an accomplished Data and Planning Assistant with a dynamic skill set and three years of experience in the Information Technology field. At Tiny Totos Kenya, he's a driving force behind their success, demonstrating exceptional proficiency in daily routine planning and data management. With a meticulous and detail-oriented approach, Charles ensures data processing tasks are executed with unparalleled accuracy, streamlining operations. His invaluable support in effective daily routine planning makes him an asset to the team. Armed with a Bachelor's degree in Information Technology, Charles stays ahead of the curve by staying updated on the latest industry advancements, keeping his knowledge and skills razor-sharp.

Charles Muasa

Verah Angwenyi

Data Analyst

Verah's role as a Data Analyst makes her the insightful navigator of impact data at Tiny Totos Kenya. Her expertise in analyzing datasets and ensuring data quality allows the organization to understand its social impact better. By deriving meaningful insights, Verah drives continuous improvement and strengthens the positive social impact created by Tiny Totos Kenya's programs.

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Denis Mutinda 

Chief Information and Data Officer 

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Victoria Wairimu 

Senior Field Operations Manager

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Purity Mirioba

Call Centre Officer

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Adelaide Osanya 

Field Officer

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Army Onsase 


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Peter Karanja

Data Analyst

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Winnie Wabuko

Junior Business Officer

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Felistas Kaveni

E-learning Tech officer

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Kelvin Gachoka

Tech Officer

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Patrick Mugenya

Quality Assurance Engineer

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Kalkidan Sisay 

Operation and Administration Officer

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Henok Tamrat

Business officer

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Yohana Nigussie


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Mekdes Hailu

Field support and Training Officer

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Mesayt Wubet

ECD specialist

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Program Coordinator

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Sophonias Bekele

Monitoring and Evaluation Officer

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Samrawit Tekle

Field support agent


Biju Mohandas15_edited.jpg

Biju heads the Health and Education investment team for the International Finance Corporation (IFC) in Sub Saharan Africa, managing a $170 million portfolio across 17 investments. Before IFC, Biju was East Africa Director of Acumen fund. He holds an MBA from the Indian School of Business.

Biju Mohandas
MaryAnn Vivo Shhot 0322.jpg

Mary Ann is CEO of Haco Industries, a leading FMCG manufacturer and supplier in East Africa.  She also sits on over 7 boards, including Sidian Bank and UAP Investments Ltd, owns and runs several restaurants and has 20+ years global experience in marketing and brand management for Coca Cola, GSK, Oglivy&Mather. 

Mary Ann Musangi
Robin Bidwell (ssee) (004)_edited.jpg

Robin is the founder and former CEO of Environmental Resources Management (ERM) a $1billion USD global consulting firm.  He chairs UNEP-WCMC and LOC (a global marine engineering consultancy) and has been chair/ a member of a number of public/private sector/NGO organisations. He was awarded a CBE in 1999 for Services to the Environment.

Robin Bidwell

Susana Frazão Pinheiro’s global 30 year career, spanning public health and policy, research, entrepreneurship and investment.  Trained as a scientist, she has since been seeking holistic solutions to challenges in global health through work with the UN, EU, University of Oxford and London, and as board member of a global health impact investment fund.  Susana has a D.Phil in Clinical Medicine and MBA (Skoll Scholar) from the University of Oxford.

Susana Frazão Pinheiro
Charmaine Pattinson_Plinkit_Headshot.jpg

Charmaine is the founder of Plinkit, an online edtech platform focused on young children. She previously worked in investment banking, marketing and international development.

Charmaine Pattinson
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Stephanie Cornell
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