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Milestone Achievement: Launch of Tiny Totos Pilot Bootcamp in Addis 🚀

Updated: Apr 11

Tiny Totos has successfully launched a pilot bootcamp in Addis after a year of planning. This initiative introduces the first cohort of Ethiopian members to an expanded regional childcare network. The objective is not only to develop a resilient group of community-based childcare entrepreneurs but also to foster a culture of listening and learning. Feedback sessions are integrated into the bootcamp schedule to enable Tiny Totos teachers to learn from childcare operators and adapt intervention models effectively. With a decade of experience in the childcare sector, Tiny Totos aims to ensure authentic buy-in for the Addis-based bootcamps, marking the beginning of a regional expansion effort in Ethiopia. For more information or to get involved, interested parties can contact Karungari Wachira, the People and Partnerships Director, via email at


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